Two Rocks Meets Kinross Scouts

On the 26th February the Two Rocks State Emergency Service were honoured to be invited to the MacNaughton Clubrooms in Kinross by the local Cub Scout leader, Nushka. Our mission was to help the scouts prepare for survival and rescue operations by completing a series of tasks that allowed us to remove an injured patient in a stretcher through treacherous terrain!

Two Rocks Volunteers

We also showed them new knots (Figure 8, Figure 8 on a bight and the Alpine Butterfly), how to perform a land search whilst looking for vital evidence and we tied up Nushka into a stretcher and tipped her over whilst she pretended to vomit!

Performing a land search

The exercise is just one of the many things that the SES helps our community with and not only allows us to engage with our fellow residents but it also serves to educate and prepare those who may find themselves in situations they are not familiar with

Fun Facts With Cubs