“I joined the State Emergency Service (SES) to expand my knowledge and skillset. I’m highly trained in my field of work, so was hesitant as to what I might gain, however since joining, I’ve not only gained a variety of new skills, but am able to take these back to my day job and share with my colleagues” – ANDREW, Volunteer

Personal satisfaction

“For me, helping the team develop as Emergency Service operatives is enormously satisfying. Members learn skills and emergency rescue procedures that will stay with them for life.” – MAX, Volunteer

Meet new people

Our members come to us from a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets. We meet new members – members from other State Emergency Service units – members from our fellow emergency services, bush fire brigades, volunteer marine rescue, St Johns , WA Police and members of the public who we help. There’s no shortage of people to meet in the State Emergency Service.

Helping others

That’s our pay! Often we hit double or triple time and a half, by helping someone in the community who cannot help themselves. As volunteers its not the money… there is none! It’s that feeling created when we search for the missing, provide relief in the eye of the storm for the damaged, or support our emergency services colleagues to safely get on and do their job

What will I be doing?

State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers play a significant and vital role in helping to ensure their local communities are safe. State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers serve
their respective local communities on a voluntary basis by undertaking both operational and non-operational roles.

Two Rocks unit train every Tuesday evening at 1900 hours.  We are co located with the Two Rocks Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade.

Members are responsible for attending callouts whenever possible. 

All members are required to complete the State Emergency Service (SES) mandatory basic training courses.  In addition to these members are given the opportunity to complete numerous other courses, to develop their skills in more specialised areas.

Interested in joining?

We are always keen to hear from potential new members, so please complete the form to send us a message.