The Two Rocks State Emergency Service Unit isn’t just about climbing onto roofs in storms and patching up their house, rescuing people from caves, forests, national parks or mine sites, we also don’t just cut trees down to open roads or even help the Police during road crashes, we do much more than you’d expect.  A large percentage of our time is spent creating calm in scenes of utter chaos, but it’s also about the quiet moments, the team building, and the engagement with community too.

The State Emergency Service in Two Rocks is also heavily involved with schools, scouts, guides, local businesses and even farmers markets!  Our presence is far reaching – thanks to our distinctive uniform!

We help educate and prepare school age children for what could happen in a storm and how to help themselves and their family, we support our local guides and scouts by training them in survival and rescue techniques, and we help them earn their badges!

We work with local businesses to ensure our equipment is locally sourced and heavy duty enough for use in all weather conditions and we work with families and the general public on events such as sausage sizzles, community fayres, farmers markets and charity events.

Why did I join the State Emergency Service? *volunteer statement*

“I joined in January 2018 when I was stuck in the cyclone that cut the Kimberleys off from the world for 3 weeks. Afterwards, when the waters receeded, I wanted to help those that needed assistance the most. The SES gives me to skills, confidence and eternal friendships that allow me to help the community that I live in.”
– Simon, SES Volunteer

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